In a nutshell

Presentation ceremony: “Back to the roots”

In this year’s 24-Race qualifying race, the top three had to cope with a new course of the presentation-ceremony action. The new format was used as test for the presentation ceremony of the 24h Race in June. And the new approach means that the organisers return to a well-proven ceremony. In the recent past, the ceremony was held at different places but now it returns to the permanent podium at the beginning of the pit lane. After having finished the race, the top three roll into the Parc Fermé that is placed – like in nearly every race at the Nürburgring – right under the podium. Afterwards, the drivers of the top-three teams will use a ‘gangway’ that was provided by the Düsseldorf airport and that will be erected next to the podium to make it straight to the presentation ceremony. “Isn’t it far nicer for the crowds to watch the drivers walking up to the podium on a big stairway than having to wait until they appear from around a corner?” says Race Director Walter Hornung. Furthermore, the organisers hope that the new format will result in a less complicated and smoother sequence of events, after the race.

Tire App makes the work easier for teams and organisers

In the 24h Qualifying race and the 24h Race, the teams had / have to reveal the used tyre specs. This year’s 24h Race offers them the possibility to use for the first time not only the well-known tyre lists on paper but also a digital App. Teams racing in the classes SP-9, SP9-LG, SPX and SP-PRO even are obliged to use the App. The background behind the new technology: both the recording and the control is made far easier: which tyres does a team still have available, which have already been used and has the team complied with the regulations when it comes to dealing with the tyres? Particularly for teams that contest the race with several cars, the new App is massively labour-saving, as they just have to press a button to find out what tyres are still available instead of having to flick through numerous sheets of paper.

Weather warning

Severe weather warning for all the Nürburgring visitors:

the German weather service forecasts an approaching thundery front that will hit the Nürburgring today from 14:45hrs. Torrential rain and lightning strikes have to be expected. Please safeguard your camping equipment and first of all yourself from the adverse weather. The Nürburgring and the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race will keep you updated on the current situation via the track loudspeakers, Radio Nürburgring (VHF frequency 87,7) and

An event attracting global attention

The ADAC TOTAL 24h Race, held from 20th to 23rd June, is not only a major motor-racing event. The biggest race in the world also achieves top figures when it comes to the media response. This massive interest was caused – inter alia – by the German TV station NITRO. The station that is part of the Cologne based media group RTL will cover the entire weekend extensively and the race itself live and nonstop – twice around the clock At the same time, you also can follow the race action in the World Wide Web – thanks to the coverage by the social-media channels (Hashtag: #24hNBR) and the live stream at the official website The fans on site also will be kept updated throughout the race as they can receive the Fan-TV via DVB-T throughout the race.

NITRO with marathon coverage: more than 25 hours live and nonstop

The German 24h-Race TV partner NITRO once again will favour the TV audience with a fantastic effort. From Friday to Sunday, the station will bring more than 28 hours of 24h-Race coverage, first of all the 25-hour nonstop coverage the race, from Saturday to Sunday afternoon. And to keep the viewers in good mood, the station signed numerous petrol heads and motor-racing experts to accompany the coverage with their comments.

Coverage hours NITRO

Fri, 06/21
18:30 – 20:15 hrs roundup quali sessions 1 + 2 as well as the Top Qualifying live (19:00 – 19:40 hrs)

Sat, 06/22
13:45 hrs Documentary ‘The Nürburgring 24h Race – The greatest car race in the world’

Sat, 06/22
14:40 hrs Live coverage begins, start of the race 15:30 hrs

Sun, 06/23
16:00 hrs live coverage ends

Elaborate live production

The TV production for the 24h Race has achieved amazing dimensions – but that’s just logical when it comes to covering the biggest and greatest race in the world. The production team comprises 200 members and captures the action with 40 cameras. 29 cameras are placed around the circuit and in addition there are 10 on-board cameras and a helicopter camera to make sure that not the slightest bit of the Nordschleife action is missed. Throughout the race, two airplanes will circle as relay stations some eight kilometres above the ‘Ring’ to guarantee that the on-board pictures from every corner of the Nürburgring can be broadcasted. Then, all the pictures are merged and the result is the final feed that is transferred from here to the entire world. In 2018, distribution partner Sporttotal provided not only NITRO with the pictures as another 31 TV stations from all over the world also covered the race action live. And a total of 273 station brought 24h-Race pictures, thus turning the race into an international TV event.

Live stream, live timing and ticker via Internet

Another medium that turned out to be extremely popular in recent years is the 24h-Race live stream that is produced by The live stream will feature 11 channels, this year, with the viewers having the free choice. In addition to the final-feed accompanied by the live comments of an announcer, the audience can choose between 10 onboard cameras. The most extensive information source will be the live page of the official, website, Here, you will find not only the live stream but also live timing and a live ticker. In addition, the stream also is available at YouTube. There, the final feed is available with the comments of German announcers and will be adopted by the motor-racing channel. For the stream, Patrick Simon and Oliver Sittler will accompany the pit-lane action while Wolfgang Drabiniok, Lars Gutsche, Jörg Hennig, Oliver Martini, Swen Wauer and Uwe Winter will alternate as race callers and announcers respectively. In addition to all the 24h-Race sessions, the stream will also cover the 24h-Classic qualifying session and race, the Falken Drift Show and the Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup races.

Coverage schedule live stream ADAC TOTAL 24h Race

Thu, 20/06
13:20 – 15:00 hrs 24h Race, practice session
17:00 – 18:50 hrs 24h Classic, qualifying session
20:30 – 23:30 hrs 24h Race, qualifying session 1

Fri, 21/06
10:05 – 13:05 hrs 24h Classic, race
14:00 – 14:30 hrs Audi Sport R8, race 1
14:55 – 16:45 hrs 24h Race, qualifying session 2
19:00 – 19:40 hrs 24h Race, Top-Qualifying
19:50 – 21:30 hrs Falken Drift Show

Sat, 22/06
08:25 – 08:55 hrs Audi Sport R8, race 2
09:10 – 10:10 hrs 24h Race warm up
From 13:30 hrs 24h Race, race

Sun, 23/06
15:30 hrs 24h Race, race

The coverage rights for the FIA WTCR are owned by Eurosport and therefore, the series can’t be streamed via the 24-Race channels. Please find the WTCR coverage times at the official website,

DVB-T and Radio Nürburgring: keep you updated on site at any time

Meanwhile, the motor-racing enthusiasts on site also have the opportunity to follow the action on a screen. At the Nordschleife, the Fan TV is particularly popular with the visitors as it provides not only the pictures and the live comments but also the current standings. The Fan TV is broadcasted at the Nürburgring via DVB-T and can be received in nearly all the spectator areas. In some areas, however, using an additional antenna is recommended. Furthermore, you can listen – as usual – to the race callers at Radio Nürburgring. The radio station, a cooperation with RPR 1, can be received at the VHF frequency 87.7.

Website and social-media channels: on air throughout the year

The social-medias channels represent a popular information source not only during the 24h Race. 70,000 followers at Facebook and nearly 40,000 at Instagram want to find out what’s going on around the greatest race in the world. And that’s not only the latest news but again and again competitions, video clips and the best Nürburgring pictures. If you don’t want to miss anything can use the official hashtag, #24hNBR, and find the race under the following URLs:,, and The website also provides all the important news and background information throughout the year. Furthermore, the 24h-Race forum that can be accessed via has just been re-launched. It’s the perfect platform for the fans to communicate with one another.

Available from November: 24h Race – the official yearbook

The printed summary of the 24h Race also is a huge project. During the race meeting, 25 photographers are working everywhere at the Nürburgring and shoot some 240,000 pictures for the yearbook. Afterwards, these about 3.5 terabyte of data are turned in 2653 hours of hard work into a voluminous book that represents a fantastic summary of what happened on the race weekend. The 272-page book comprises some 100 pictures, English and German texts as well as an extensive statistics chapter. It will be available via the book trade from November 2019 (ISBN: 978-3-928540 95-7) or can be ordered right via the publishers’ website,

Nordschleife: The greatest car race in the world

The countdown for the race of the year is on: this weekend (20th to 23rd June) at the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife, 160 cars are going to contest the arguably biggest and greatest car race in the world. About 600 drivers will entertain the 200,000 expected spectators on site and the TV / live-stream audience with fantastic motor racing while they battle it out for one of the most prestigious trophies in international motor racing. This year’s favourites are the BMW squads but the reigning champions with their Porsches also delivered in the run-up to the 47th edition of the 24h Race. And it goes without saying that Mercedes-AMG and Audi with their strong works-driver line-ups and customer teams are determined to also become a factor in the battle for the overall win. Apart from the 24h Race, the three FIA Touring Car World Cup (WTCR) rounds represent the second highlight of the weekend. Prior to the German WTCR meeting, the German are the team-championship leaders and their Argentinean driver Esteban Guerrieri (Honda) holds the lead in the driver’s championship. The only German driver on the WTCR grid for the fifth of the 10 race meetings is Benjamin Leuchter, a true Nordschleife specialist who completed his 1000th Nordschleife lap many years ago. Tickets can be purchased at the box offices. And those who can’t travel to the Eifel to witness the 24h race action on site can do so in Germany on NITRO that will cover the race FTA from the lights to the flag. Furthermore, the official website ( will feature an extensive video stream, live results, a live ticker as well as background features and information throughout the weekend.

Just a week after the sport-car endurance racing highlight at Le Mans, the Nürburgring now is going to stage the arguably most important endurance race on the touring-car and GT calendar. The favourites for this year’s 24h Race are BMW and Porsche that were particularly successful in the Nordschleife races to date. Just four weeks ago, the BMW M6 GT3 celebrated a one-two-three in the 24h Race Qualifying Race, the final tests for this weekend’s season highlight. And the winner was a vehicle of the Walkenhorst squad. “Incredible, it’s just a dream,” Team Principal Henry Walkenhorst said after the race. “Now the ultimate highlight will come and we will use the momentum resulting from this success to also deliver there. We just can’t wait for the 24h Race.” Second and third places were secured by the two Rowe Racing BMWs and the result also represented a boost for them. “A good result,” third-placed Connor de Philippi said afterwards. “We still should be able to find some more performance for the race. Then we will return to the Ring to hopefully make it to the top step.”

Reigning champions look forward to racing at the Nordschleife

One of the Porsches 911 GT3 R of the Manthey team also seemed to be on the way to secure a podium but with just a few more minutes to go the car suffered a technical failure and had to pit where it had to retire. Nonetheless: the Porsche spearhead that will contest the legendary race with the #1 on its car due to having won it in 2018 proved to be in great shape and very competitive. And the reigning champions look forward to the task. “It’s one of the greatest and most difficult GT races in the World,” said Richard Lietz (AUT): “And it’s one of the last great adventures. To contest this race with the #1 on your car is something special. Every single lap represents a challenge.” Team mate Patrick Pilet (FRA) confirmed: “In this race, absolutely everything represents a challenge. The circuit, the weather – and even more so the traffic. „But that’s exactly what turns this race into such a special event. It’s the most difficult race and if you want to succeed here you have to be a real team. That’s why I love this race so much.”

Huge support programme aloof from the track

The extensive support programme will begin before the first vehicle has entered the track: on Wednesday, from 16:00hrs CEST, the city centre of Adenau will be the venue of the ‘Racing Day’, revolving around the 24h Race. And from Thursday, the fans on site can discover a lot of things everywhere: At the Fan Mile in the ring°boulevard, partners and manufacturers showcase themselves, accompanied by entertainment and catering. In the Fan-Arena in the historic paddock, the Falken Drift Taxis, motorbike-stunt shows with Chris Rid and the Stihl Timbersports lumberjacks entertain the crowds and in the GP paddock, the visitors have the opportunity to glance over the shoulders of the teams’ mechanics and engineers, enjoy a ride in the big Ravenol Ferris wheel or visit the Audi (Sport Campus) and Mercedes-AMG (Fan Zone) areas. Please find everything worth knowing about the support programme in the category ‘Service’ at the official website,

The 24h Race at a glance

This weekend, the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race that is regarded as ‘The biggest and greatest race in the world’, will be attended by some 200,000 spectators that will be witnessing the race action from all around the 25.378-kilometre combination of Nürburgring Nordschleife and GP circuit.

160 vehicles alone will contest the feature race of the weekend. These cars will be raced by more than 600 drivers, from world-class racers to amateurs. Meanwhile, the bandwidth of car categories ranges from brawny GT3 vehicles to close-to-production touring cars.

More than 2000 persons are working for the organisers to make for a flawless course of the action.

The BMWs (M6 GT3) and Porsches (911 GT3-R) are regarded as the top favourites, this year, with the squads relying on Audi (R8 LMS) and Mercedes-AMG vehicles being their toughest rivals. Other teams in the top categories will contest the race with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lexus and Nissan GT3 racers. And Glickenhaus will add to the excitement with their exotic SCG0003. Furthermore, Toyota / Lexus, Subaru, Honda and Hyundai also will travel to the Eifel with works squads to try to secure class wins.

Meanwhile, the Touring Car World Cup (FIA-WTCR) is going to hold the fifth of its 10 race meetings, this weekend and so, one of the drivers will leave the Eifel as half-time champion. Prior to the three races at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the German Honda team Münnich Motorsport hold the lead in the team standings, with their driver Esteban Guerrieri (ARG) being the leader in the drivers’ championship. The motor-racing support programme also comprises the ADAC 24h-Classic, the Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup and the RCN.

The German FTA-TV partner NITRO covers the race from the lights to the flag. An extensive live stream can be accessed via the social-media channels and the event website.

Also extensive: the support programme aloof from the track: for the first time, a charity football tournament will be held in the ring°arena and the Adenauer Racing Day represents the kick-off of the weekend as early as Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday, the Fan Mile (ring°boulevard) will be the venue of the official autographing session and on Friday evening the crowds at the Müllenbachschleife will be thrilled by the Falken Drift-Show.

Throughout the weekend, the fans will be entertained by numerous activities at the ring°boulevard (Fan Mile), the historic paddock (Fan Arena) and the GP paddock (inter alia Ferris wheel, Audi Sport Campus und Mercedes-AMG Fan Zone).

24h Race features a top-class field

The 2019 ADAC TOTAL 24h-Rennen, held from 20th top 23rd June, will be a summit of motor-racing superstars. The entry list for the longest and most gruelling race at the longest racetrack in the world comprises some 160 cars, inter alia about three dozens of teams for the top categories with winning potential. Audi, BMW, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche will contest the race with works drivers and highly competitive customer-sport projects. Meanwhile, Toyota, Subaru and Hyundai will try to secure class wins in different categories. Independent GT3 teams that contest the race with Lamborghinis, Ferraris ad Nissans also will be among the front-runners. Due to the diversity of brands and the course of the season so far, making predictions regarding the race result is extremely difficult. All the German premium-car manufacturers delivered in fine style, in the rounds of the VLN Endurance Championship, with the reigning champions, Manthey Porsche, and the BMW team having been the fastest most recently, in the 24h Qualifying Race. So, an ultra thrilling 2019 edition of the 24h race is virtually guaranteed! Tickets for the race of the year are available in the ticket shops of and

>> click here to see the entry list of the ADAC TOTAL 24h race 2019

It’s the race of the year and the race of superlatives: When the biggest car-racing grid worldwide will start into the race on the Corpus Christi weekend (Thursday, 20th June to Sunday, 23rd June) the Nürburgring will be buzzing: The organisers are expecting more than 200,000 visitors that will camp around the 25.378-kilometre circuit. More than 2,000 helpers – from the Race Director to the car-park attendants – are involved to make for fair and safe motor racing and cope with the huge visitor rush. The fans once again will turn the combination of GP circuit and the legendary Nordschleife into a huge party zone where the smell of barbecue fires will be mixed with the typical motor-racing mixture of fuel and hot tyres. It’s the ‘Chanel No 5“ for true motor-racing enthusiasts that will have the chance of witnessing a unique battle. After all, the fact that teams and manufacturers make a huge effort when it comes to cars and drivers demonstrates the meaning of the win in this greatest race of the year.

Porsche and BMW the favourites
One thing can be taken for granted: the battle for the Nordschleife crown will be close and intense. The #1 will decorate one of the two Porsches 911 GT3 R entered by the reigning champions, Manthey Racing. Last year, Richard Lietz, Frédéric Makowiecki, Patrick Pilet and Nick Tandy won the race at ‘The Ring’ and made history by doing so as they gave their Manthey team the record-breaking sixth victory in the legendary race. The team also delivered in the 24h Qualifying Race and seemed to be on the way to secure a podium – but a final safety stop in the closing stages of the race made them drop back and offered BMW the opportunity to celebrate a one-two-three: the BMWs M6 GT3 entered by Walkenhorst and Rowe Racing clinched all the three podiums in the final test for the 24h Race and both teams also will contest the season highlight with two GT3 racers each. Porsche will be represented by – in addition to Manthey Racing – the 911 GT3 R of Ring Police and the vehicles of the public’s darling, Frikadelli Racing. And one of the two Falken Motorsport racers also will be a 911 that will be raced by an excellent line-up. The sister car of the works team of the Japanese tyre manufacturer is a BMW M6 that is just as competitive – what means that Falken could have two hot potatoes in the battle for the overall win. Another two BMWs will be entered by Speedline Racing and BMW Team Schnitzer. The latter squad has got five 24h-Race overall wins under their belt, thus being one of the most successful teams in the history of the event – and their driver line-up with racers who already demonstrated their skills in DTM, WTCR and the 24h Race underlines that the Bavarians will give their very best to again draw level with Manthey Racing.

Competitive overall-win contenders and dark horses
This year, seven Mercedes-AMG GT3 vehicles entered by the three teams Black Falcon, GetSpeed and Mann Filter will represent the Stuttgart based manufacturer. Recently, Black Falcon succeeded in shining particularly. They secured the pole for the 24h Qualifying Race and also delivered in the race. With fifth and 10th places, the Meuspath based squad even secured two top-10 positions. And last but not least, Audi, represented by five R8 LMS, signed a great mix of endurance-racing specialists, DTM drivers and Nordschleife aces for their 24h Race line-up. Phoenix, Team Land and Car Collection are the squads representing the Audi colours. And in the early stages of the 24h Qualifying Race Marcel Fässler demonstrated the potential of the racing cars from Ingolstadt. The Swiss made the perfect tyre choice into the race and virtually outclassed the entire field. In the end, his R8 LMS finished eighth. And the battle for the overall win will be spiced up by independent teams that also will contest the race with husky vehicles. Konrad Motorsport, for instance, will contest the race with a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo. Or the Wochenspiegel-Team and Octane 126 that will enter Ferraris 488 GT. And don’t forget Kondo Racing and KCMG from Far East with their Nissans GTR Nismo GT3. Particular KCMG from Hong Kong demonstrated their potential by winning in the Pro-Am ranking and finished ninth overall. Also very interesting are the Lexus involvements: Totoya Gazoo, the official works team of the biggest car manufacturer in the world, enters an LC and Japan’s Bandoh-Racing-Team travels to Germany with a FC F GT3. And there is – of course – the team around the US investor, filmmaker and Nordschleife fan James Glickenhaus. With the special design SCG003C the team will not only enter one of the most beautiful cars on the grid but a really fast one. By finishing sixth in the 24h Qualifying Race the American squad demonstrated that it mustn’t be underestimated.

German stop of the Touring Car World Cup
The ADAC TOTAL 24h Race also will be the venue of the German FIA Touring Car World Cup. The highest international touring-car category will contest the fifth of its 10 race weekends at the Nordschleife and consequently will celebrate its half-time champion, at the end of the weekend. And the chances for a good German result look promising. After all, the drivers of the German team proved to be really competitive in the so-called ‘Supergrid’ although the regulars have got 14 FIA championship titles and another 29 titles under their belts. With their Honda Civic, the two Argentineans Esteban Guerrieri and Nestor Girolami made a fantastic start into the season and currently hold the championship lead with 296 points, followed by Cyan Racing (258) and BRC Hyundai (236). Guerrieri travels to the home races of his team as championship leader. He scored 161 points, to date, and recently defended his lead in the Netherlands. On the Dutch race weekend, Thed Björk in the Chinese TCR racer of Lynk & Co finished second to steal the second championship position of Gurrieri’s team mate Girolami. Björk shone in particular on the previous race weekend at Zandvoort where set the fastest practice lap time and won the first and third races of the weekend. In the second race, however, Guerrieri consolidated his lead – that just had been secured by his team-mate Girolami – with a lights to flag win. Second and third positions were clinched by the Volkswagen drivers Benjamin Leuchter (GER) and Johan Kristoffersson (SWE), who took VW back to the front-runner just in time for the German race weekend. But the drivers of the other brands on the grid – Audi, Alfa Romeo and Cupra – also succeeded in impressing with strong performances, in the season so far.

Support programme with numerous highlights
The great motor-racing programme is completed by the Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup, the ADAC 24h-Classic and the performance test of the ‘Rundstrecken-Challenge’ (RCN).While numerous events and activities aloof from the track also have proven to be extremely popular with the crowds, in the past. Such as the Adenauer Racing Day on Wednesday, 19th June, representing the start into the 24h Race weekend. And the simultaneously held One World Charity Cup, a football tournament for drivers and fans. On Thursday, the official autographing session will lure the fans to the ring°boulevard where numerous exhibitors, teams and partners will showcase themselves throughout the weekend. The Falken Drift Show at the in Müllenbachschleife and the pit walk taking place at the same time a will be the Friday-evening highlights. In the historic paddock, the Fan-Arena featuring drift and motorbike-stunt shows as well as the Stihl Timber Sports tree-felling demonstrations have got what it takes to entertain and thrill the visitors.

Superior BMW win in the 24h Qualifying Race

Convincing appearance of the BMWs M6 GT3 in the ADAC Qualifying Race at the Nordschleife. In the final test race for the 24h Race held on the Corpus Christi weekend (20th to 23rd June), all the podiums were secured by the Bavarian manufacturer. While the Walkenhorst Motorsport crew – Christian Krognes (NOR), David Pittard and Nicholas Yelloly (both UK) – clinched the overall win ROWE Racing finished second (Jesse Krohn / FIN and John Edwards / USA) and third (Connor de Philippi / USA, Tom Blomqvist / UK and Mikkel Jensen (DK) respectively. While the best Porsche – a 911 GT3 R representing Frikadelli Racing – finished fourth, the best Mercedes came fifth – and the best Audi had to settle for finishing eighth.

>> Result 24h qualification race (PDF)

Thrilling early stage
The starting phase of the six-hour 24h Qualifying Race proved to be a true thriller, with the typical Nordschleife conditions adding to the battle at the front end of the field.
Many teams seemed to have opted for the wrong tyres for the wet track and started into the race on slicks. What offered Marcel Fässler in the Audi R8 LMS #4 the opportunity to shine on his wets, thus clearly outpacing pole sitter Yelmer Buurman in the Black-Falcon-Mercedes-AMG #6 and the rest of the field. But his domination didn’t last long. On lap four he had to come in for slicks as the competitiveness of his wets dropped on the drying track. After three hours, the BMWs M6 GT3 of ROWE Racing, Schnitzer and Walkenhorst as well as the two Porsches 911 GT3 R of last year’s winners Manthey Racing proved to be particularly competitive.

BMW dominates at the latest from race half-time
In the second half of the race, the BMW squads delivered in amazing style. The BMWs temporarily were eight second faster than the Porsches 911 GT3 R behind them and only a 1:32-minute time penalty for having ignored yellow flags made the BMW strategists frown. But at the end of the day, all the podiums were clinched by BMW. Record winners Manthey Racing seemed to be on the way to making it to the podium but with just a few more minutes to go they had to pit with steering-system problems – and the one-two-three for BMW was wrapped up.

Norwegian Christian Krognes described the success as follows: “This was one of my most intense moments in 2019. Closing in more and more on your rival represents a massive boost. I quickly realised that we had better grip in the slow sections. Therefore I knew that I should overtake him at the GP circuit. It has been the first win for the team in many years.”

Race Director Walter Hornung also came to a positive conclusion regarding the weekend. “We witnessed great race action that makes you look forward to the 24h Race. The teams had to cope with wet and dry weather in the practice sessions and the race, representing variegated testing conditions. We provided an optimum final test for the 24h Race – and the fans had fun due to the thrilling race action. And that’s exactly what it is about, in this event.”

Schnitzer-BMW secures provisional pole in 24h Qualifying Race

In the first qualifying session for the 24h Qualifying Race, held on Saturday evening, one of the most successful teams in the history of the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race set the fastest lap time. BMW Team Schnitzer driver Augusto Farfus (Brazil) crossed the line of the 25.378-kilometr combination of Nordschleife and GP circuit in 8:17.570 minutes. With his team mate Martin Tomczyk (Kolbermoor) and the native Lahsteiner Timo Scheider, the BMW M6 GT3 #42 holds the provisional pole, prior to the final qualifying session, with fellow BMW drivers Christian Krognes (NOR), David Pittard and Nicholas Yelloly (both UK) in the team Walkenhorst Motorsport #101 and the Phoenix Audi R8 LMS #4 raced by Marcel Fässler and Rahel Frey (both CH) following in second and third positions. Farfus used a phase when the track was largely dry and set his fastest lap time early in the session. And as rain began to fall soon afterwards, no other driver had the chance of stealing the provisional pole. But only on Sunday morning the battle for the pole will be over. Following the one-hour qualifying session (08:30 to 09.30hrs CEST), the 30 fastest teams have to deliver in the top-30 qualifying individual time trials. (from 10:30hrs CEST). While the six-hour Qualifying race will be started at 12hrs. And the motor-racing enthusiasts can witness the race action not only on site but also at home on their screens. A service made possible by ticker, live timing and video streams at the 24h Race website (www.24h-Rennen) and at YouTube.

Right from the beginning of the first qualifying session the action was dominated by BMW. In the early stages of the session, the Rowe-BMW #99 of John Edwards (USA) and Jesse Krohn (FIN) held the lead but then, Schnitzer’s M6 GT3 secured the top position. And Augusto Farfus, who will race this weekend in both the 24 Qualifying Race and the FIA Touring Car World Cup was the driver to set this time. Nonetheless, he hadn’t a lot of time for cheering as he had to get into a helicopter right after some high fives with his team mates to travel to the Dutch circuit at the North Sea coat. Augusto went out at the perfect point in time,” beamed Team Principal Herbert Schnitzer junior.”The track was really dry when he went out for his fast lap”. Team mate Martin Tomczyk also raved over the “sensational lap” of the Brazilian. “After all, he arrived here with a helicopter just a short time ago. So, it were the first Nordschleife lap times he set. And the fact that he secured provisional pole on his only third lap was really great. Should it be dry tomorrow things could get close again but with this time we should be able to match the pace of the front runners.”

Ferrari the fastest in the practice session. One of the favourites forced into retirement by crash in the wet
In the practice session at noon, rain also quickly turned the originally dry circuit into a wet track. In these conditions, the race action was dominated by completely different vehicles. Surprisingly, the Ferrari 488 (#55) entered by Teams Octane 126 held the top position the time screens. The Swiss crew comprising of Björn Grossmann / Simon Trummer / Jonathan Hirschi succeeded in outpacing the Getspeed-Mercedes-AMG #17 with the line-up John Shoffner, Janine Hill (both USA), Fabian Schiller (Germany) and Markus Palttala (BEL) as well as the Phoenix-Audi R8 #4. Meanwhile, the slippery track conditions forced two competitive Mercedes-AMG squads into early retirement. The two GT3 racers of Manuel Metzger (#2, Black Falcon) and Dominik, Baumann (#16, Getspeed) collided after Metzger had spun. Both cars were damaged to an extent that repairing them in time for the race was impossible. Both drivers were injured and taken to the hospital for safety reasons. The Porsche 911 GT3 R #911 also was involved in the incident but was able to return to the pits were it was repaired by the team. Porsche’s Kevin Estre described what happened. “I was just on my out lap and the second GT3 braked on the way into the banked corner but went just straight on. The same happened to me and behind me another Mercedes too. Fortunately my Porsche wasn’t damaged too seriously – but I had to pit nevertheless.”

Lumirank: New position-display functions

In both the 24h Qualifying Race and the 24h Race, a large-scale LED display behind the windscreen of the competing cars provides the visitors with important information. Compared to last year, the system was refined once again, for 2019. As the time-keeping data also will record the driver currently driving the respective car, the display also will show an acronym of his name.

On the displays of the majority of the cars, the name of the current drivers will slowly alternate with the current position in the race. In the car of the race leader, the display will flash in addition and in cars that have not yet completed a timed lap, the name will alternate with place holders ??? („_ _“). This will be – for instance – the case if a car doesn’t complete a lap on the entire circuit but opts for using the short layout. In the pits or in standby, the display shows the number and the acronym ‘24H’. In the case of the Manthey Porsche #911 driven by Richard Lietz, the LEDs consequently would display:

  • 911 and 24H alternating: in standby
  • _ _ and LIE alternating: car on the track but no timed lap completed.
  • 023 und LIE alternating: The car holds 23rd position
  • 001 and LIE flashing by turns: The car holds the lead.

For the spectators on site, the new detail makes the Nordschleife action even more transparent. 24h Race Director Walter Hornung is convinced: “The LED displays are great for all the fans on site. In the Eifel woods, informing the crowds via video walls is far more difficult than at other circuits. Therefore, the position displays are extremely important for keeping track of the race action. And even more so as the 24h-Race field will comprise more than 150 cars.”

24h Qualifying race features a top-class grid

From 18th to 19th May, in the 24h Race Qualifying Race at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, it’s all about preparing for the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race. More than 100 teams have registered on the entry list to use this last opportunity to prepare for the season highlight, among them 30 cars in the categories with overall-win potential. This group features the top teams and drivers representing the Audi, BMW, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche camps as well as the more exotic GT3 squads, such as the Ferraris and Lamborghinis or the Nissan and Lexus teams. The team to beat will contest the race with the #1 decorating their car: Manthey racing, the reigning champions, will provide last year’s winners – Richard Lietz (AUT), Nick Tandy (GBR), Frederic Makowiecki and Patrick Pilet (both FRA) – with a Porsche 911 GT3 R. The four drivers already proved to once again be in great shape, this year, by winning one of the VLN rounds in the run-up to the 24h Race. Tickets for the ADAC Total 24h race prologue are available from €15 (day ticket) to €25 (weekend ticket) and can be purchased at the Nürburgring ticket shop (

The battle for the win in the longest race on the longest and greatest racetrack in the world once again will be contested by works squads and works-supported independent teams. Following an impressive performance the reigning champions once again have to be regarded as favourites. In the third VLN round, three Manthey Porsches 911 made for a podium lock-out. And although the third place 911 lost its podium due to a receiving a belated time penalty, the tradition-rich team underlined its ambitions. “A good motor-racing day,” Richard Lietz who won the 2018 edition of the prestigious event together with his team-mates said with understatement. “We could test a lot of things and learned a lot. And we are really happy with the result. First, second and fourth places for Manthey Racing – a truly rare achievement. It was a good preparation for the 24h Race and nothing broke. Therefore, it was a perfect day.” The sister car secured the pole but due to a few litres of fuel too much in the tank the 911 GT3 R #911 received a several-second time penalty and lost its podium. Consequently, Kévin Estre had mixed emotions, after the race. “The car ran really well and we were able to clinch the pole,” the native Frenchman said but added: “To be able to win we reduce the number of mistakes. But we could test many things and gathered a lot of experience. Now we will keep on working for the great race in June.”

Tough competition on the 24h-Race grid
Nonetheless, the reigning champions will have to try hard if they want to repeat last year’s success and this applies to both the 24h Qualifying Race and the season highlight a month later. After all, the grid features competitive and ambitious rivals, for instance the teams representing Mercedes-AMG. In the preparation period, Black Falcon proved to be particularly strong. Last year’s 24h Race Qualifying Race winners will enter several top cars, this year. The squad around Adam Christodoulou (GBR), Maro Engel (MCO), Manuel Metzger and Dirk Müller (both CHE) ‘inherited’ third place in the third VLN round. At the end of the day, the Meuspath based team always has got what it takes to secure top-class results. At the same time, BMW always will be represented by competitive cars, in the Qualifying Race. Vehicles such as the two Rowe Racing M6 GT3. The team secured pole in the VLN season opener and finished first and third in the race. And in the second VLN round that had to be stopped short after the start as the winter had returned to the Eifel, another BVMW team, Schnitzer, held the lead when the race was red flagged. In the 24h Race Qualifying Race, Augusto Farfus (MCO), Martin Tomczyk (Kolbermoor) and Timo Scheider (AUT) will race for the team from Southern Germany. A top-class line-up underlining the team’s ambitions. And don’t forget: up to last year, the five-time 24h Race winners were tied for the top position in the record book with Manthey Racing. But now, Manthey Racing are the sole leaders with six race wins and the BMW squad is keen on scoring the equaliser.

24h Qualifying Race: 24h feeling ‘en miniature’
It comes as no surprise that virtually all the top teams are going to also contest the 24h Race Qualifying Race: after all, this race weekend represents the perfect preparation for the season highlight in June. On Saturday (18th May), the teams are offered the chance of testing and adjusting their cars for three hours on the GP circuit before they go out at for the practice session at the Nordschleife (from 12:15hrs CEST, 11:15hrs BST). In the evening, at 18:45hrs CEST, the time schedule features the 2.5-hour qualifying session that will end in the late evening, thus providing the same conditions the teams will have to cope with in the 24h Race. Apart from the Qualifying-Race action, the Saturday schedule also comprises an RCN performance test (start 14:30hrs CEST) and in the morning, the Nordschleife will be the venue of a GLP. On Sunday, however, it will be all about the Qualifying Race. The second qualifying session will begin at 08:30hrs CEST and afterwards, the fastest teams will battle it out for the pole in the individual time trials. The six-hour race will be started at 12:00hrs CEST. In addition to the race action, the Falken Drift Team also is going to entertain the visitors: in the Nürburgring paddock, the experts for spectacular driving physics will demonstrate their stunning car control throughout the weekend.

>> Entry list 24h qualifying race 2019 (pdf)

24h Schedule is online

The schedule of the 47th edition of the ADAC Total 24h Race at the famous ‘Ring’ is online. Please find it here as pdf download document or for online reading:

> Schedule ADAC Total 24h race

The countdown is on: 100 days to go to the 24h Race!

Just 100 days to go to the race of the year at the Nordschleife: from 20th to 23rd June, the legendary Nordschleife once again will stage the biggest motor-racing event in Germany. More than 200,000 motor-sport enthusiasts will travel to the longest and most spectacular racetrack in the world to witness the 160-car grid battle it out for 24 hours for one of the most coveted trophies in international motor racing. In addition, the programme also comprises the FIA World Touring Car Cup that once again will contest three sprint races on the 24h-Race weekend. Numerous other highlights, on and aloof from the track, turn the ADAC TOTAL 24h into the highlight for fans, drivers, teams and officials. The advance booking for the Nürburgring 24h Race tickets already has begun. Those who want to secure their tickets now can do so in the online shop and via the Nürburgring website. Furthermore, you can order the tickets by phone at the hotline, +49 (0)1806 991185 (€0.20 per call from the German landline, maximum €0.60 per call from the German mobile networks).

Exciting cars on the grid
Good omens for the 2019 ADAC TOTAL 24h Race. Numerous teams already announced to contest the race or even registered for the prestigious event. This year, the front-runners will be chasing the Manthey-Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R that won last year the 46th edition by prevailing in a spectacular showdown. Due to this success, the team that is based in the immediate vicinity of the Nürburgring now is the sole record holder with six overall wins under its belt. But there are quite a number of teams that also want to make it to the hall of fame, this year. Several BMW and Porsche teams already announced to contest the race in the GT3 category that usually features the favourites. And it’s only a question of time until a number of other brands will disclose their line-up for 2019. So, it may be expected that the Audi and Mercedes-AMG vehicles also will be factors in the battle for the win. Furthermore, the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus also announced to once again be on the 24h Race gird. In 2017, the independent squad from the USA outperformed all the favourites by securing the pole. And the Americans are determined to once again be one of the front-runners, with their spectacular SCG 003. Several other independent teams already announced their programme for the 2019 season. Bonk Motorsport, Muehlner Motorsport, Ring Racing and others once again will make for action in the ‘smaller’ classes. The first pole of the year, however, was secured by the team around skateboard legend Titus Dittmann: the team registered its bilious green Dodge Viper as the very first competitors for the 2019 24h Race – as early as in December 2018.

Regulations with slight qualifying-mode changes
In the off-season, the 24h Race organisers honed the regulations and focused on the qualifying mode while doing so. Made possible by a time-keeping revolution at ‘The Ring’, the organisers now use ‘virtual lap times’ for evaluating the competitiveness of the individual vehicles: For the front-runners, racing in the GT3 and SP-X categories, the achieved split times are used for determining and comparing theoretical lap times. Then, 80 percent of the professional teams and 80 percent of the best amateur teams will qualify for the individual time trials. The advantage of the new mode: top amateur teams also have got the chance of battling it out for the 24h Race pole in the individual time trials. In addition, the new modus operandi is supposed to prevent the teams from hiding their real competitiveness by deliberately driving slowly to manipulate the ‘Balance of Performance’ in their favour. The lap times will be determined in the Nordschleife races prior to the 24h Race – the VLN rounds as well as the final preparation race that will be contested, as it was the case in the previous years, within the framework of the 24h Race ADAC Qualifying Race. This prologue that will be held on 18th and 19th May represents the perfect preparation for the 24h Race as it features numerous elements from the individual time trials to the six-hour feature race.

Programme complete: Full-speed show at The Ring!
Apart from the new name sponsor, TOTAL, the 2019 edition features further new main sponsors – and all the new partners have got high motor-racing affinity. Just in time for the 100-day countdown, the number of sponsors comes close to being completed and so, an important component of the race is all wrapped up. Inter alia thanks to this support by the partners, the organisers are able to provide a unique programme at constant ticket prices. In addition to the FIA World Touring Car Cup (FIA WTCR) that once again will contest three races at the Nordschleife, on the 24h race weekend, the visitors may look forward to even more top-class racing: on Friday, the three-hour ADAC 24h Classics contested on the combination of Nordschleife and GP circuit, the 24h Race Top Qualifying and the first FIA WTCR race will be the highlights. Furthermore, the Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup will race at the GP circuit. Meanwhile, the RCN performance test will represent the traditional start into the 24h Race weekend. And there also is a lot going on aloof from the track. The impressive Ravenol Ferris wheel once again will be the paddock eye-catcher. Here, the visitors can make an impressive panorama ride throughout the weekend. The ‘Fan Mile’ at the ring°boulevard and the ‘Fan-Arena’ in the historic paddock also are planned to again become popular attractions for the visitors. And on Friday evening it’s time to party: the open pit lane invites the motor-racing enthusiasts to a pit walk and simultaneously, the Falken Drift Show will thrill the fans in the Müllenbachschleife.

TOTAL the new title sponsor of the 24h race

The Nürburgring 24h Race has got a new title partner: from 2019, the endurance race held at the legendary Nordschleife will bear the name of mineral-oil group TOTAL. After the expiration of the contract with the previous title sponsor, Zurich, the 2019 edition of the prestigious event will be the first that will be held – from 20th to 23rd June – under its new name, the ‘ADAC TOTAL 24h Race‘. Consequently, Germany’s biggest and greatest circuit race with some 200,000 visitors over the course of the weekend and a huge field of about 160 touring cars and GTs is in good company. After all, the internationally most tradition-rich Belgian Spa-Francorchamps 24h Race and the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans in France also cooperate with TOTAL. For the brand that is mainly known to the German motorists thanks to its fuels and engine oils, the multi-year deal with the 24h Race held at the Nürburgring, the longest and most demanding racetrack in the world, represents a new challenge.

Due to the new deal, the 24h race has got a new name partner that suits the profile of the event perfectly. “With a partner that also is involved in the mobility industry, many future discussion will be very easy,” underlines Peter Meyer, the ‘ADAC Nordrhein e. V.’ Chairman. “I’m happy about the contract with a partner that not does not only appreciate the immense publicity of the Nürburgring 24h Race but also has got mobility know-how and passion in its genes.” In nearly no other event, perseverance and competitiveness are subjected to tougher test than at the legendary Nordschleife. The fight of man and material as well as the extreme challenge in the technical and racing areas in the 24h Race fascinate both hundreds of thousands of visitors on site and millions of TV viewers around the world.

“We truly are looking forward to shaping the future of the Nürburgring 24h Race together with ADAC Nordrhein,” said Bruno Daude-Lagrave, Managing Director of TOTAL Deutschland GmbH, on the occasion of the signing of the cooperation deal in Berlin. “Our premium fuel, Excellium, and our engine oil, TOTAL Quartz, are particularly designed to protect the longevity of the engines. That’s our natural association with endurance racing. We already are cooperating with Le Mans and Spa-Francorchamps and are proud to now also support the third mega-event among the international 24h races as partners.”

The signing of the deal with the new partner makes an end to the long-term cooperation of the Nürburgring 24h Race with the insurance group Zurich. “We’d like to thank Zurich for the long and amicable cooperation,” said Matthias Wurm, Managing Director of Sporttotal Live GmbH, the promoter of the 24h race. “We are really delighted with having found TOTAL as new partner we now will open a new chapter with and particularly press ahead with the internationalisation.”

New qualifying mode for the 24H Race makes for a better-balanced grid

It’s a constant of the 24H Race like fried sausages and motor-racing party: the Top-Qualifying represents the thrilling climax in the prelude of the endurance-racing classic. The battle for pole that is popular with both fans and drivers also will be contested in the time-trial format, in the future – but the regulations for 2019 have been clearly refined. In the regulations worked out by the 24H Race organisers in cooperation with technology experts and team representatives, the transparency regarding the true competitiveness of a vehicle represents a top priority, just as the promotion of the amateurs in the fast car categories. The qualifying in the VLN rounds held prior to the 24H Race as well as the 24H Qualifying Race will remain part of the schedule but here, theoretical lap times – the addition of the best split times set in the qualifying sessions and races – will be taken into account. Furthermore, a specified contingent of Top-Qualifying positions will be secured for Pro-AM teams what means that the fastest of them definitely will have the chance of being a factor in the battle for pole. At the same time, the number of cars contesting the Top-Qualifying will be flexible, in the future. It will amount to 80 percent of the entries of Pro and Pro-AM teams. For information on the 24H Race and the latest state of affairs regarding the 24H Race please visit

The gambling in the run-up to the 24H Race traditionally is booming. After all, no team is ready to disclose the true competitiveness of its car before it has to go out in anger in the legendary endurance-racing classic. A fact Race Director Walter Hornung is well aware of: “On the one hand, nobody is ready to put their cards on the table and on the other, there is this persistent belief that the parameters for the Balance of Performance are derived directly from the lap times – what hasn’t been the case any more for a long time.” Therefore, the course of the grid positions has been refined and is no longer determined by the full lap times. Three of the Top-Qualifying positions will be secured in each of the VLN rounds held prior to the 24H Race and further eight in the 24H Qualifying Race. One of the three positions available per VLN race meeting will be secured in the qualifying session and the other two in the races, while the fastest theoretical lap of a vehicle being used as criterion. This is used as average of the best split times set in the qualifying sessions and races respectively. In the 24H Qualifying Race, the three fastest teams in the Top-30-Qualifying of the event will secure a position for the Top Qualifying and the other five in the race – and once again by means of the fastest theoretical laps. “The procedure is transparent as it eliminates many disruptive factors or reduces their impact, at least,” explains the Race Director. “Those who are on the way to setting a great lap but are hampered in a section of the Nordschleife will like the new approach. At the same time, we also diminish the deliberate decelerations to hide the own competitiveness.”

In the future, 80 percent of the Top teams will contest the Top-Qualifying
With the three VLN rounds and the 24H Qualifying Race contested, 17 positions for the Top-Qualifying are secured (three in each of the VLN meetings, eight in the 24H Qualifying Race). The actual number of competitors will be determined as soon as the 24H Race entry list is closed – it will amount to 80 percent of the Pro and Pro-AM teams. The comparison with the teams already qualified will result in the still available Top-Qualifying positions for the two categories. These positions will be assigned based on the results in the two qualifying sessions and once again based on the fastest theoretical laps generated by the five fastest split times. ”This sounds fare more difficult in theory than it really is,” says Walter Hornung. “I definitely am happy that we ensure this way that the Top Qualifying isn’t a closed session for the pros but that the international stars will have to keep on fighting against amateurs and Nordschleife specialists. At the same time, we also set our focus on encouraging the competition on the track. After all, the direct battles between fascinating vehicles at the greatest racetrack in the world is exactly what everybody involved wants to see – from the Race Director to the fans.”

6th November 2018

24h-Race winners’ press conference

#912 Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R / Richard Lietz
“I think it was a perfect weekend – for us and for Porsche. We witnessed new track records in the qualifying sessions. This also was very special for us as the level of this circuit and this event is extremely high. This is one of the biggest race – not only nationwide but internationally too. At the beginning, a tyre puncture made us drop back to 90th position but then we battled our way back up. Then, however, we received the time penalty and we’d like to apologise for the offense. But things like that can happen when you are pushing to the max. The team provided us with a perfectly prepared car and in the end, this win is the icing on the cake for this weekend and something very special for us.“

#912 Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R / Patrick Pilet
“That’s motor racing! Just incredible and this result is something really special, particularly at this circuit. We are really happy about this success as the race was virtually nullified, after the red flags. I didn’t watch the race at the moment when it was red flagged but I think it was the appropriate decision. It is a pity for the AMG guys but sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And this race was just crazy.”

#912 Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R / Fred Makowiecki
“Our engineer made the decision that I should drive the final stint as I had been driving prior to the red flags and therefore was the one who remembered the track conditions best. Following the puncture in opening stages there was just one strategy for us: every lap flat out. An approach that paid off, in the end – although you have to admit that a dose of luck also was involved. After all, so many things can happen in the wet and fog.”

#912 Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R / Nick Tandy
“The strategy was clear as early as at the end of lap one: give your very best and secure the best possible result. Okay, there were situations in the race when we had to repair the car and had difficulties. It was an interesting race and winning the 24h Race is particularly difficult. Therefore, sitting here makes us particularly proud.”

#4 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3 / Maro Engel
“Another great weekend, the Nürburgring 24 Race just beats everything! A huge compliment to the crowds who stayed on site even in the bad weather we had to cope with. Yes, it was tight – but the colleagues were just faster than we had expected. Of course it was a pity that we lost our lead due to the red flags. Had we raced the full 24 hours, we possibly could have won.”

#4 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3 / Adam Christodoulou
“When we made our final stop we didn’t know if it would be for one or two laps. And to be safe we refuelled the car with some extra litres! On the one hand this resulted in a gap and to be honest, the tyre performance also began to decrease. I nonetheless gave my very best but in the end, it wasn’t enough. We pushed throughout the race and occasionally too hard – this also was the reason for my shot excursion onto the grass. But congratulations to the winners. I was a great race and I already look forward to next year. Then we will give them a hard time.”

#4 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3 / Manuel Metzger
“You never know how the weather will be in such a race. So many things can happen in a 24h race. This time, the rain came earlier than expected and so, we arguably stopped a lap too late. Apart from that we were ready for everything and also succeeded in solving all our problems well. Up to the red flags we hadn’t made any mistakes and our car hadn’t a single mark. Afterwards we gave our very best. At the end of the day, finishing second in the greatest and most demanding race in the world is not too bad, is it?”

#4 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3 / Dirk Müller
“I have mixed emotions. On the one hand we lost first place but on the other we won second. And finishing in a battle like the one we witnessed out there today is extremely great. On the other hand, our lead at the point in time when the race was red flagged amounted to nearly four minutes. Without the red flags we could have won the race – but it wasn’t to be. We are happy nevertheless. Now I want to thank my team-mates and the entire team. You really have to praise everybody who belongs to the team. And of course our fans who always are loyal.”

#5 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes AMG GT3 / Yelmer Buurman
“Of course the red flags improved our chances of making it to the podium and therefore it suited us rather well – what can be said about our team-mates racing #4. In turn one, right after the restart, I was hit from behind and spun. Afterwards I squeezed the maximum out of the car, closed the gap and was able to pass the two cars ahead of me. It was really annoying that I crossed the line one second before the race was over as this meant that I had to do another lap. It’s a situation you only can l lose in but I took it easy, lifted and secured the third place.

#5 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes AMG GT3 / Thomas Jäger
“All the manufacturers work hard to prepare for this race. Nonetheless, everybody including the customer teams is well aware how difficult this race and planning it is. To secure two podiums in this race is really great. Congratulations to Porsche on their win. We started from fifth position into the final hour and made it to the podium, in the end – just great. We are virtually over the moon and will return perfectly prepared, next year.”

#5 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes AMG GT3 / Jan Seyffarth
“It’s my goal to definitely sit in the middle after having finished first. [laughs] next time. So I will be back next year by all means! Up to the red flags I was determined to make it to the podium but to really sit here, now, feel just amazing. This race is the highlight of every year and we are working on the preparations for 12 months. Therefore, we soon will begin with the preparations for the 2019 edition before long.” .

#5 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes AMG GT3 / Luca Stolz
“I wasn’t in the car in the final hour but I think that I can speak for all of us. Our pulse was at least as high as Yelmer’s. We shared the thrill with him in the garage, contributed to the strategy decisions and to the planning. We were extremely nervous but we knew that we could trust him. And he did it.”