Please find here the schedule for the 48th edition of the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race. Although the course of the action won’t differ a lot from those of the recent past, there will be several minor changes: the Thursday will be all about practice sessions, with things beginning to get serious on Friday. While the 24h-Race field and the WTCR aces will battle it out for their grid positions, the historic cars racing in the ADAC 24h-Classic and the Formula 4 single-seaters already will fight hard for points and race wins. And the excitement level will be even increased on Saturday, with the two FIA WTCR rounds and the third Formula race being contested before the 24h-Race field will rocket away from the starting grid at 15:30hrs CEST (14:30hrs BST).

Schedule 24h race (online version)

Thursday, March 21st 2020
09:0012:30hrsRundstrecken Challenge (RCN)LeistungsprüfungNordschleife
09:3010:00hrsADAC Formula 4Free practice 1Grand Prix Circuit
10:1510:45hrsADAC Formula 4Free practice 2Grand Prix Circuit
11:5012:05hrsADAC Formula 4Qualifying 1Grand Prix Circuit
13:0514:45hrs48. ADAC TOTAL 24h-RennenQualifying 1Full circuit
15:1515:55hrsFIA WTCRFree practice 1Full circuit
16:4518:35hrsADAC 24h-ClassicQualifyingFull circuit
18:5519:10hrsADAC Formula 4Qualifying 2Grand Prix Circuit
19:3520:15hrsFIA WTCRFree practice 2Full circuit
20:3023:30hrs48. ADAC TOTAL 24h-RennenQualifying 2Full circuit
Friday, March 22nd 2020
08:1008:40hrsADAC Formula 4Race 1 (30 Min.)Grand Prix Circuit
09:1509:45hrsADAC 24h-ClassicStarting gridFull circuit
09:4510:05hrsADAC 24h-ClassicFormation lapFull circuit
10:0513:05hrsADAC 24h-ClassicRace (3 hours)Full circuit
13:3514:35hrs48. ADAC TOTAL 24h-RennenQualifying 3Full circuit
15:0015:10hrsADAC Formula 4Starting gridGrand Prix Circuit
15:1515:45hrsADAC Formula 4Race 2 (30 Min.)Grand Prix Circuit
16:2017:00hrsFIA WTCRQualifyingFull circuit
17:4020:00hrs48. ADAC TOTAL 24h-RennenTop Qualifying 1Full circuit
48. ADAC TOTAL 24h-RennenTop Qualifying 1Full circuit
20:1520:45hrsPitwalk ADAC TOTAL 24h-RennenShowPitlane
20:1021:30hrsFalken Drift ShowShowMüllenbachschleife
Saturday, March 23rd 2020
08:3009:10hrs48. ADAC TOTAL 24h-RennenWarm-upFull circuit
10:05hrsFIA WTCRFormation lapGrand Prix Circuit
10:1010:37hrsFIA WTCRRace 1 (3 laps)Full circuit
10:45hrsFIA WTCRRefuelling and repair breakFull circuit
11:20hrsFIA WTCRFormation lapGrand Prix Circuit
11:2511:52hrsFIA WTCRRace 2 (3 laps)Full circuit
12:2012:30hrsADAC Formula 4Starting gridGrand Prix Circuit
12:3513:05hrsADAC Formula 4Race 3 (30 Min.)Grand Prix Circuit
13:3015:10hrs48. ADAC TOTAL 24h-RennenStarting gridFull circuit
15:10hrs48. ADAC TOTAL 24h-RennenFormation lapFull circuit
15:30hrs48. ADAC TOTAL 24h-RennenStart of the raceFull circuit
Sunday, March 24th 2020
15:30hrs48. ADAC TOTAL 24h-RennenFinish raceFull circuit
Version V1, March 3rd 2020, Subject to changes