The 24h Race ADAC Qualifying Race is the prologue for the ADAC TOTAL 24h-Race. It will be held on 18th and 19th May and represents the perfect preparation for the 24h Race as it features numerous elements from the individual time trials to the six-hour feature race.

Beneath you can find the actual schedule of the event.


Time schedule 24h Qualification Race (German edition)

Samstag, 18. Mai 2019
08:1511:45UhrGLP Schloss Augustusburg BrühlGLPNordschleife
08:3011:30UhrTest- und EinstellfahrtenGP-Strecke
12:1513:45UhrADAC 24h-QualirennenFreies TrainingGesamtstrecke
14:3018:00UhrRCN Preis der Schloßstadt BrühlRCNGesamtstrecke
18:4521:15UhrADAC 24h-Qualirennen1. QualifyingGesamtstrecke
Sonntag, 19. Mai 2019
08:3009:30UhrADAC 24h-Qualirennen2. QualifyingGesamtstrecke
10:3010:50UhrADAC 24h-QualirennenTop-30-QualifyingGesamtstrecke
10:5011:30UhrADAC 24h-QualirennenStartaufstellungStart/Ziel
10:50UhrADAC 24h-QualirennenBoxenampel grün
11:20UhrADAC 24h-QualirennenBoxenampel rot
11:4012:00UhrADAC 24h-QualirennenEinführungsrundeGesamtstrecke
12:0018:00UhrADAC 24h-QualirennenRennen (6h)Gesamtstrecke
GLP = Gleichmäßigkeitprüfung · RCN = Rundstrecken Challenge
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