Maro Engel and the AMG-Team Black Falcon’s Mercedes-AMG GT3 will be the first to go out in the Top30 Qualifying for their two flaying laps. The 30-year old proved to be lucky in the public starting-order raffle in the ring°boulevrad. Behind him, another 29 drivers also will try hard to secure the best possible position on the first 15 rows on the grid. 

1.9AMG-Team Black FalconMaro EngelMercedes-AMG GT3SP9
2.6Audi Sport Team PhoenixRené RastAudi R8 LMSSP9
3.4AMG-Team Black FalconAdam ChristodoulouMercedes-AMG GT3SP9
4.88Haribo Racing Team-AMGMaximilian GötzMercedes-AMG GT3SP9
5.702Scuderia Cameron GlickenhausAndreas SimonsenSCG 003CSP9
6.911Manthey RacingKevin EstrePorsche 911 GT3 RSP9
7.35Nissan GT Academy Team RJNAlex BuncombeNissan R35 GTR Nismo GT3SP9
8.23Rowe RacingMaxime MartinBMW M6 GT3SP9
9.30AMG-Team HTP-MotorsportStefan MückeMercedes-AMG GT3SP9
10.27Aston Martin RacingRichie StanawayAston Martin Vantage GT3SP9
11.28Montaplast by Land-MotorsportMarc BassengAudi R8 LMSSP9
12.100Schubert MotorsportJens KlingmannBMW M6 GT3SP9
13.3Frikadelli Racing TeamPatrick HuismanPorsche 911 GT3 RSP9
14.38Bentley Team AbtChristopher BrückBentley Continental GT3SP9
15.999Walkenhorst Motorsport powered by DunlopChristian KrognesBMW M6 GT3SP9
16.29AMG-Team HTP-MotorsportChristian HohenadelMercedes-AMG GT3SP9
17.912Manthey RacingFrederic MakowieckiPorsche 911 GT3 RSP9
18.18Schubert MotorsportAugusto FarfusBMW M6 GT3SP9
19.1Audi Sport Team WRTPierre KafferAudi R8 LMSSP9
20.8Haribo Racing Team-AMGUwe AlzenMercedes-AMG GT3SP9
21.2Team WRTRobin FrijnsAudi R8 LMSSP9
22.75Mann-Filter Team ZakspeedLuca LudwigMercedes-AMG GT3SP9
23.5Phoenix RacingFrank StipplerAudi R8 LMSSP9
24.7Aston Martin RacingNicki ThiimAston Martin Vantage GT3SP9
25.25Konrad MotorsportChristopher ZöchlingLamborghini Huracan GT3SP9
26.37Bentley Team AbtChrister JönsBentley Continental GT3SP9
27.16Twin Busch MotorsportChristian MamerowAudi R8 LMSSP9
28.14Black FalconIndy DontjeMercedes-AMG GT3SP9
29.21Wochenspiegel Team MantheyJochen KrumbachPorsche 911 GT3 RSP9
30.22Rowe RacingNicky CatsburgBMW M6 GT3SP9