The 24h Race will prove to be a thriller from lap one. With two VLN rounds and the 24h qualifying race contested, only 13 of the 30 positions for the individual time trial still are available: these positions will be secured by the teams that clinch appropriately good positions in the first and second qualifying sessions (Thursday evening and Friday morning) for the ADAC Zurich 24h Race. And then, in the Top-30 Qualifying on Friday evening, the teams that qualified for the session will battle it out for the positions on the first 15 rows on the grid. Please find below the team that already qualified for the Top-30 Qualifying:

Teams that qualified in qualifying session VLN 1 (25th March, 2017)

Teams that qualified in qualifying session VLN 1 (25th March, 2017)
1SP9Manthey RacingPatrick PiletPorsche 911 GT3 R
2SP9Falken MotorsportsMartin RaggingerPorsche 911 GT3 R
3SP9Audi Sport Team WRTRobin FrijnsAudi R8 LMS
Teams that qualified in qualifying session VLN 2 (08th April, 2017)
4SP9Manthey RacingMathieu JaminetPorsche 911 GT3 R
5SP9Frikadelli RacingNorbert SiedlerPorsche 911 GT3 R
6SP9Haribo Racing TeamUwe AlzenMercedes-AMG GT3
Teams that qualified in qualifying session 24h qualifying race
7SP9AMG-Team HTP MotorsportChristian HohenadelMercedes-AMG GT3
8SP-XTraum MotorsportFelipe Fernandez LaserSCG003C
9SP9Walkenhorst MotorsportChristian KrognesBMW M6 GT3
10SP9Manthey RacingSven MŸllerPorsche 911 GT3 R
11SP9Mercedes-AMG Black FalconMaro EngelMercedes-AMG GT3
12SP9Falken MotorsportStef DusseldorpBMW M6 GT3
13SP-XTraum MotorsportFranck MailleuxSCG003C
14SP9Phoenix RacingMike RockenfellerAudi R8 LMS
15SP9BMW Team SchnitzerMarco WittmannBMW M6 GT3
16SP9Bentley Team AbtChristopher BrŸckBentley Continental GT3
Teams that qualified by its race result in the 24h qualifying race
17SP9Audi Sport Team LandN. N.Audi R8 LMS

That’s how it works: rules for the starting-grid slot assignment explained in short
The slots on the starting grid will be assigned according to a proven system: The four fastest squads in the qualifying sessions for each of the two VLN rounds held prior to the 24h Race secure a position for the Top-30 Qualifying and the same applies to the 10 fastest vehicles in the qualifying session for the 24h qualifying race. Another five positions are assigned to the five top-placed cars in the qualifying race. And the positions not yet assigned will be secured in qualifying session one and two for the 24h Race. Due to the qualifying preconditions, some of the positions that could be assigned in advance traditionally aren’t secured. The reason: the teams must have registered their vehicles in advance and the Top-30 Qualifying refers to the combination of driver, team, vehicle type and category. In other words: to secure a Top-30 qualifying position for a vehicle, a driver must contest the 24h Race with the same car and with this team.

State of affairs: 26th April, 2017 · Subject to alterations