Scherer Sport PHX remains winner – DMSB Court of Appeal confirms 24h result

Team Scherer Sport PHX with Frank Stippler, Christopher Mies, Ricardo Feller and Dennis Marschall will remain winners of the 24h Nürburgring 2024. The appeal court of the German Motor Sport Federation DMSB rejected the appeal of Team Rowe Racing at its hearing on 10 July. The presiding judge, Rainer Wicke, stated in his oral reasons for the judgement that the race had been stopped correctly with the black and white chequered flag. In principle, a race director has to prevent damage to participants, spectators and other participants. It was therefore within his competence to end a race in this way. Furthermore, the examination of the timekeeping showed that the race winner would not have changed if the red flag had been used after 50 laps instead of the chequered flag. In this case, the race result would have been based on the 48th lap in accordance with the regulations – also with the Scherer Sport PHX with the #16 as the winner.

Race director Walter Hornung: “I am glad that the decision of the race organisers to finish the 24h Nürburgring at the beginning of June early, but under safe conditions, has now also been confirmed in the second instance. Unfortunately, the extreme weather conditions with hours of dense fog forced us to do so. Neither participants nor fans would have understood a reversal of the race result several weeks after the event.”