The start drivers (Restart)

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Following the 3.4-hour break short after the start due to heavy hail, the race will be restarted at 19:20hrs. The best 30 teams with four races completed will let the following drivers contest the restart. All the drivers opt for wets: 
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[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 1: #9 Mercedes- AMG GT3
Maro Engel[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 2: #18 BMW M6 GT3
Jörg Müller[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 3: #88 Mercedes- AMG GT3
Maximilian Götz[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 4: #29 Mercedes- AMG GT3
Christian Hohenadel[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 5: #8 Mercedes- AMG GT3
Uwe Alzen[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]
Pos. 6: #22 BMW M6 GT3
Markus Palttala[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 7: #5 Audi R8 LMS
Frank Stippler[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 8: #30 Mercedes- AMG GT3
Dominik Baumann[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 9: #2 Audi R8 LMS
Frederic Vervisch[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]
Pos. 10: #4 Mercedes- AMG GT3
Bernd Schneider[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 11: #23 BMW M6 GT3
Philipp Eng[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 12: #7 Aston Martin Vantage
Pedro Lamy[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 13: #100 BMW M6 GT3
Jens Klingmann[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 14: #912 Porsche 911 GT3 R
Jörg Bergmeister[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 15: #6 Audi R8 LMS
Christopher Haase[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 16: #1 Audi R8 LMS
Nico Müller[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 17: #75 Mercedes- AMG GT3
Luca Ludwig[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]
Pos. 18: #25 Lamborghini Huracan GT3
Lucas Stolz[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 19: #3 Porsche 991 GT3 R
Sabine Schmitz[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 20: #14 Mercedes- AMG GT3
Abdulazis Al Failsal[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 21: #702 SCG 003 c
Thomas Mutsch[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]
Pos. 22: #38 Bentley Continental GT3
Guy Smith[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 23: #701 SCG003 c
Felipe Laser[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]
Pos. 24: #16 Audi R8 LMS
Christian Mamerow[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]
Pos. 25: #28 Audi R8 LMS
Connor de Phillippi[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 26: #101 BMW M6 GT3
Matias Henkola[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 27: #35 Nissan GT-R GT3
Alex Buncombe[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 28: #37 Bentley Continental GT3
Marco Holzer[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=”]
Pos. 29: #99 BMW Z4 GT3
N.N. (startet aus der Box)[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]Pos. 30: #24 Nissan GT-R Nismo
Tom Coronel[/av_cell][/av_row]
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State of affairs: 19:00 hrs