24h as a media marathon

Even though it is a tradition that the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring is extensively present in the media: Every year anew, the endurance classic also manages to amaze as a major event in terms of television, streaming and communication. Almost 2,000 people are responsible for the comprehensive presence – from the cameraman at the Nordschleife to the investigative journalist in the press center. Once again, the moving image production at the Ring impresses with particularly large numbers. More than 60 cameras are focused on the action. They capture the action for live free TV partner NITRO, for numerous live broadcasters worldwide, but also for various online streams. From Thursday (May 18), all those who were unable to make it to the Nürburgring will also be able to enjoy the 24h. They will miss out on a direct experience of the most grandiose motorsport festival of the season – but they will still not miss a second of the sporting decision. In addition to NITRO’s intensive coverage, it is above all the official homepage where stream, web radio, timing and race ticker are available at www.24h-rennen.de/live.

The motorsport experts at Nürburgring TV are responsible for producing the images on behalf of rights holder Sporttotal. When they activate their cameras around the track, the signals from 60 cameras simultaneously flicker on the monitor wall in the broadcasting center at the Nürburgring: 14 of them alone are installed in various vehicles, in which the view can also be directed to the rear of the pursuers for the first time this year. The panning camera in the Caracciola Carousel, the 50-meter-high camera crane at the Hohe Acht and the 734-meter-long rope camera at the start/finish line, which races directly over the action on the track at speeds of up to 120 km/h, also provide highlight perspectives.

NITRO: Live and comprehensive on free TV

Live broadcaster NITRO will once again supplement the fascinating images of the 24h production with its own camera teams and expert personnel in front of the camera and at the microphones. The well-established Fee TV partner will once again give the 24h plenty of airtime and will start live coverage on Friday (May 19) from 5:00 p.m. for the top qualifying session. Already the day before, pictures from the Ring can be seen on the RTL channel network: Those who receive RTL+ can also follow the first three qualifying sessions from the Nürburgring live. From Saturday afternoon at 2:45 p.m., the lights will never go out on NITRO. The action can be seen in a 26-hour marathon broadcast. As commentators, Lukas Gajewski, Heiko Wasser, Peter Reichert and Dirk Adorf expertly guide you through the race. They are supported by a competent team of reporters: Eve Scheer, Anna Schröjahr, Alessa Luisa Naujoks, Marcel Klein, Felix Görner and Felix Kohler report on the many big and small stories surrounding the 24h Nürburgring and are supported by Dirk Adorf as experts. Lina van de Mars reports from the ring as moderator.

Sendezeiten NITRO

Thursday, May 18, 2023 Qualifying sessions 1 - 3 via RTL+
Friday, May 19, 2023 17:00 – 19:45 Uhr Top-Qualifying live, Recording 24h Qualifiers
Saturday, May 20, 2023
Sunday, May 21, 2023
ab 14:45 Uhr
bis 16:40 Uhr
24h Nürburgring live continuously

Streaming: all the action at 24h-rennen.de/live

For those who prefer to be their own director, prefer certain camera angles or always want to know the intermediate standings in detail, www.24h-rennen.de/live is the place to go. The 24h-Live site offers a comprehensive package of information. This includes the international and national video stream as well as the selection from all 14 inboard channels, which can be freely switched between. Also available here is the audio commentary with Radio Nürburgring via RPR1. Played in its own window, it is also the ideal solution if bandwidth is too small for the video stream. The ticker also informs about all details of the race, voices and intermediate results. The page is continuously active – even if the actual stream is paused. By the way, the actual livestream will also be taken over on the social media offers of the 24h and various partners of the event.

Broadcast times 24h Livestream

Thu., May 18, 2023 13:10 – 23:45 h ab Qualifying 1 continuously
Fri., May 19, 2023 13:25 – 21:30 h ab Qualifying 3 continuously
Sat., May 20, 2023 08:45 – 00:00 h ab 24h Classic continuously
Sun., May 21, 2023 00:00 – 16:45 h until award ceremony

24h on air worldwide

Worldwide, more than 70 broadcast partners take over the moving images of the 24h Nürburgring. In the action live on TV in around 50 countries, the detailed highlights in around 100 countries and highlights and in 200 countries various contributions in news- and magazine-formats: This means that the 24h Nürburgring can actually be seen around the globe. For the international fans of the 24h, the livestream will be broadcast in parallel to the German audio commentary from the announcer’s booth, the livestream will also be accompanied by live commentary in English. The international livestream is mainly available via social media channels – for example on the YouTube channel of the 24h. In some countries and territories, however, the images are also taken over by broadcasters. There, the livestream via social media for the race is partly prevented by geo-blocking, but the qualifying sessions can be viewed free of charge.

International Live TV Partners

France * Auto Moto La Chaine (www.automoto-lachaine.fr/)
USA, Canada * Speedsport1 (www.speedsport1.com/)
Denmark ** V Sport / Viaplay (viaplay.se/)
Iceland ** V Sport / Viaplay (viaplay.is/is-is/)
Norway ** V Sport / Viaplay (viaplay.dk/)
Sweden ** V Sport / Viaplay (viaplay.no/)
Finland ** V Sport / Viaplay (viaplay.fi//)
Baltic States ** V Sport / Viaplay (viaplay.ee/ee-et/)
Netherlands ** V Sport / Viaplay (viaplay.com/nl-nl/)
UK ** V Sport / Viaplay (viaplay.com/gb-en/)
Japan ** J-Sports (www.jsports.co.jp/program_guide/month/english/)
Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia ** beIn Sports (www.beinsports.com)

*): 24h Nürburgring mit Geoblocking, Qualifyings frei empfangbar
**): 24h Nürburgring auf den offiziellen 24h-Kanälen ohne Geoblocking empfangbar

Broadcast times 24h international livestream

Thu, 18 May 2023 13:10 – 15:15 Uhr
19:55 – 23:45 Uhr
24h Qualifying 1
24h Qualifying 2
Fri., May 19, 2023 13:25 – 15:00 Uhr
17:25 – 21:30 Uhr
24h Qualifying 3
24h Top Qualifying
Sat., May 20, 2023 15:00 – 00:00 Uhr 24h race from grid continuously
Sun., May 21, 2023 00:00 – 16:45 Uhr until award ceremony

Radio Nürburgring via RPR: Audio stream via Internet and RPR app

If the opinion of many fans is anything to go by, the 24-hour action only gets the right zing from the audio commentary from the announcer’s booth. This year, Olli Martini, Uwe Winter, Eddie Mielke, Lars Gutsche and Tobi Schimon provide information and emotion at the microphone. Emily Miller von der Osten, Patrick Simon, Olli Sittler and Matthias Killing will present from the pits and paddock. The track announcers can be heard in the video stream, but can also be switched on as a separate audio stream – this is taken care of in cooperation with radio partner RPR1. The advantage of the audio commentary is not least the low bandwidth required. The stream can be found via the 24h live page (www.24h-rennen.de/live) – or via the RPR1 app, which is available for all common smartphone platforms.

24h Nürburgring represented on the web and on the most important social media platforms

Throughout the year, the 24h Nürburgring is present on all major social media platforms – and of course even more so during the 24h week. The stream is available on YouTube, and the editorial team highlights current events on all other channels. Important to know for visitors: In case of emergency, there are also warnings and important event information. So it’s worth adding a “Like” to keep an eye on the channels. The official homepage of the 24h almost at www.24h-rennen.de also compiles all the important information. Here you can find important basics like schedule and starter list, but also many news about the race, the results, photos and much more. By the way, reports not only from the official channels can be found on all channels via the official hashtag: #24hNBR

24h Nürburgring im Internet

www.24h-rennen.de Official homepage with all important information, news and the live site (24h-rennen.de/live)
Social-Media-Kanäle YouTube: youtube.com/24hNBR | facebook.com/24hNBR | instagram.com/24hNBR | twitter.com/24hNBR | tiktok.com/@24hNBR
Hashtag #24hNBR

24h to look up: The official yearbook

Among those who follow the events of the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring most closely are the photographers and editors of the official 24h yearbook. Year after year, they dedicate themselves to the mammoth task of providing a complete record of the events. The result of their work is impressive: On 280 pages, the 24h Nürburgring and the supporting races are seamlessly documented – including results, statistics and background information. The texts in German and English are flanked by a good 1,000 photos. In addition to reports on all sessions and races, there are separate reports for each vehicle class and on other topics. The annual volume, which will be published in the fall, is the perfect book for the time between the races and the start of the new motorsport season. The yearbook is available directly from the publisher at www.GruppeC-Verlag.de and wherever books are available (ISBN 978-3-948501-24-2).