Tips for fans

The ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring 2023 is the rock festival among German motorsport events – because there’s something going on everywhere! Nowhere is this more visible than in the program for fans. Because while the exciting motorsport program is taking place on the “Center Stage” of the time-honored Nordschleife, there is plenty to discover all around it. The thousands of visitors around the more than 25 km long track are already worth exploring, because they make for a never-ending celebration mile, where many groups of guests try to outdo each other with crazy ideas and great actions. Especially in the paddocks and around the start/finish, however, numerous partners, teams and companies entice visitors with a mixture of offers, autograph sessions and entertainment. Often enough, visitors hardly know where to go first. The handy Fan Guide, which is available free of charge in the paddock, at the entrances to the track or, for example, at REWE in Adenau, can help. The most important information for fans is summarized below.

Wednesday overture at the Adenauer Racing Day

The rhythm of the event is, of course, set by the main act: The 24h Nürburgring and its protagonists are always in the spotlight, and their performances put the stamp on the weekend. This is already the case with the overture, which will once again take place along the main street and on the central market square in the racing town of Adenauer. On Wednesday (May 17) from 4:00 p.m., there will be a big come-together of fans and teams here, the stars from the 24h and frame races will be on stage to answer questions, and in front of the stage there will be the opportunity to meet many pilots in person for autographs and selfies.

To reach “Downtown Adenau” optimally, the fan shuttle buses around the track are ideal, which are already in operation from Wednesday and on two opposite routes to Sunday all important spectator points – from Saturday to Sunday even around the clock!

From Thursday the wheels are finally rolling!

Motorsport from early to late is on offer at the Nürburgring on Thursday (May 18). After the four-hour performance test of the RCN takes over the wake-up melody for the fans at the Nordschleife from 8:30 in the morning, there will be Free Practice and Qualifiyings in all races in the further course of the day. Following the RCN, the cars of the Touring Car Legends will do a lap of honor around the Nordschleife, recalling the era when the DTM raced on the time-honored track as part of the 24h supporting program. The highlight of the day will of course be the 24h sessions at 13:15 (1st qualifying) and at 20:00 (night qualifying until 23:30).

Friday program full of fan highlights

The first race decisions will finally be made on Friday (May 19), but still on the Grand Prix circuit: at 3:30 p.m., the Touring Car Legends will hold their first race, followed at 4:35 p.m. by the impressive starting field of the Cup and Touring Car Trophy. At the same time, the main spectator points on the Nordschleife will receive a visit from trial icon Fred Crosset. He demonstrates his skills with short shows and can also be seen repeatedly during the weekend in the Grand Prix paddock in the area of Energydrink partner Monster.

From the point of view of most fans, the most important sporting decision for many visitors will also be made on this day in the 24h field: After the third qualifying session, it will be decided who will be allowed to take part in the top qualifying session for pole position and the places at the front of the grid in the late afternoon from 17:30. Which of the solos will ultimately be rewarded with the role of first violin in the race will be decided by around 7:15 pm.

Immediately afterwards, however, there is more for the visitors to do: from 8:00 p.m., two popular program items will take place in parallel. In the Müllenbachschleife, the Falken Drift Show brings the ranks to the boil. Smoking tires, vehicle control and a great fun factor traditionally provide the best entertainment, which thousands of visitors do not want to miss. Here, too, the fan shuttles ensure that arrivals and departures run without any avoidable delays. Those who can’t make it to the Müllenbachschleife will find a great offer at the start/finish: from 8 p.m., the gates to the track will open and the teams will gather in the pit lane for an autograph session. There, across all vehicle classes, there will be the opportunity to meet the pilots directly. Many visitors are sure to take advantage of this opportunity as well, especially since parts of the Nürburgring’s legendary asphalt will be open at the same time during the track and pitwalk: An ingenious opportunity for a selfie at the spot where two days later the 24h winner will be waved off by race director Walter Hornung!

Saturday and Sunday: One highlight after the other

The racing highlights continue on Saturday and start with a real classic: The countdown to the 24h Nürburgring begins on Saturday morning with the 24h Classic. The fast-paced journey back in time to the 24h history will be followed by the warm-up of the current 24h cars and the second race of the touring car legends – the stands, especially at the Grand Prix circuit, will be well filled from noon onwards. While the traditional Audi, BMW and Hyundai car parades will take turns on the Nordschleife from 1:30 p.m., the excitement around the start/finish line will continue to rise. At the same time, guests at the start/finish line will be entertained by Fred Crosset’s trial show in front of the Mercedes grandstand. A highlight of this pre-race program: the presentation of the Glickenhaus Trophy to the driver who has driven the fastest top qualifying lap. Finally, at 3:40 p.m., the starting field sets off for a long introductory lap around the Nordschleife. Led by an Audi R8 e-tron, the defilee passes the fans on the Nordschleife. Finally, at 4:00 p.m. the starting lights go green for the 51st edition of the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring.

Nordschleife as a festival site: An invitation to a voyage of discovery

Even though there is a lot of action on the track, there is actually time for everyone to explore the festival grounds at the Nürburgring extensively. And it’s worth it, because this year there are new attractions to tempt you. Of course, this definitely applies to the various paddocks, which you definitely shouldn’t miss. The path leads many visitors first to the Historic Paddock, where this year the teams of the touring car legends are taking up quarters. The way then leads through the tunnel under the track to the Grand Prix paddock, which is reserved for the 24-hour teams. Here there are also the large areas of well-known manufacturers. As in previous years, the Mercedes-AMG fan base attracts visitors with attractions such as a sim competition, pit stop competition, Carrera track, fan wall, catering and beer garden, vehicle exhibition and much more. Hyundai has set up its “Never Just Drive Area”, where there will be public viewing on the large LED screen, a racing simulator and photo activities, among other things. Of course, the Ravenol Ferris wheel next to the Medical Center cannot be missed. For the fare, visitors are rewarded with a fantastic Eifel and Nürburgring panorama, and after getting off, the next attractions immediately await. Around the Ferris wheel, the Monster action area, bullriding with “Bembel with care” and more await. You should also not miss the Mercedes Arena, where the teams of the ADAC 24h-Classic as well as from the Cup and Touring Car Trophy can be found.

Fan Mile in the ring°boulevard

At the latest when there is another rain shower typical of the Eifel, the covered fan mile on the ring°boulevard is virtually mandatory. After all, this is an exceptionally pleasant place to spend time. Here, the 24h’s major industrial partners can be found with their stands and offers – for example Audi, BMW, Tesla and TotalEnergies or ZF. There are constant competitions, entertainment and encounters with drivers. Exhibitors such as LEGO, where not only a Lamborghini can be marveled at as a large model, but also a rally car station, LEGO racer ramps, a dream car generator and other attractions encourage visitors to make their own cars, ensure that the whole family really gets its money’s worth. ck modelcars also delights young and adult visitors alike. Those who would like to purchase an item from the 24h merchandising collection will find a corresponding sales booth here, but also at many other positions around the track. Toyota has come up with a highlight, sending visitors on a ninja course. And of course, there will also be catering offers here to invite you to linger.

Let’s go on a tour around the Nordschleife!

Last but not least, of course, it’s the Nordschleife, which is worth the trip in itself and around which surprises constantly blossom during the event days. There are race drivers and teams who stop by to pay a flying visit to the fans – or even fan groups who provide their very own entertainment program to set the mood. Of course, all this is embedded in the unique atmosphere of a barbecue party, DJ contest and fuel talks. Around the time-honored track, the main spectator points are of course important points of contact. The fan shuttles will also stop here, and there will also be sales points for 24-hour merchandising in many areas. One stop for the shuttles is also Adenau, where the REWE market is not only waiting as an important local supplier with everything a fan’s heart desires. The team around owner Melanie Koch also starts a charity marathon, which offers new attractions for the visitors every day and collects money for the good cause. Monster is also pitching its tents at the Brünnchen, where the energy drink manufacturer is setting up a 300-square-meter fan zone.

Timetable Fan Shuttle

Route 1: Dorint-Hotel – Scharfer Kopf (Driving Safety Center II, only Friday evening for the Falken Drift Show) – Eifeldorf – Hatzenbach / BMW Test Center – Schwalbenschwanz – Pflanzgarten – Brünnchen and return

Route 2: Dorint-Hotel – Scharfer Kopf (Driving Safety Center II, only Friday evening for the Falken Drift Show) – Quiddelbacher Höhe / Hatzenbach – Breidscheid – Adenau Schule (Adenauer Forst) – Adenau Hauptstraße (Zweirad Schmitz) and back.

Timetable: Thursday 08:00 – 24:00 h | Friday 08:00 – 01:00 h | Saturday 08:00 – 24:00 h | Sunday 00:00 – 18:00 h