Balance of Performance adapted for the race

The technical committee around Norbert Kreyer opted for slightly readapting the Balance of Performance (BoP) for the 46th ADAC Zurich 24h-Rennen.Following the significant time improvements of Porsche, Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin in the Top-30 Qualifying on Friday evening, the classification for the GT´3 vehicles of BMW was altered for the race. The turbo engine of the M6 GT3 may be run with a slightly higher boost and the weight of the Audi R8 LMS may be reduced by 10kg, for the race.
As early as prior to the weekend it was agreed upon with the manufacturers involved that the committee would meet again after the Top 30 Qualifying. “We hope that we won’t be surprised in the race but we are confident,” reveals Kreyer. “We always make our decisions jointly.” The technical committee consists of three persons but the final decision is made by a five-person body that also includes the race control. To assess the competitiveness of the cars we compare parameters such as engine power, aerodynamics, efficiency, tyres, weight and top speed to then create the BoP for the 24h Race.
“We solely make our decisions based on facts, such as the lap and split times but also the qualifying race, the VLN rounds and last year’s 24h Race,” explains Kreyer. ”And while doing so we found out that BMW and Audi also improved and set their individually fastest lap times, in the Top-30 Qualifying, but couldn’t quite match the pace of Porsche and Mercedes-AMG.” The goal of the BoP is to make for the best possible balance between the manufacturers involved.
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