24h-Race winners’ press conference

#912 Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R / Richard Lietz
“I think it was a perfect weekend – for us and for Porsche. We witnessed new track records in the qualifying sessions. This also was very special for us as the level of this circuit and this event is extremely high. This is one of the biggest race – not only nationwide but internationally too. At the beginning, a tyre puncture made us drop back to 90th position but then we battled our way back up. Then, however, we received the time penalty and we’d like to apologise for the offense. But things like that can happen when you are pushing to the max. The team provided us with a perfectly prepared car and in the end, this win is the icing on the cake for this weekend and something very special for us.“
#912 Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R / Patrick Pilet
“That’s motor racing! Just incredible and this result is something really special, particularly at this circuit. We are really happy about this success as the race was virtually nullified, after the red flags. I didn’t watch the race at the moment when it was red flagged but I think it was the appropriate decision. It is a pity for the AMG guys but sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And this race was just crazy.”
#912 Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R / Fred Makowiecki
“Our engineer made the decision that I should drive the final stint as I had been driving prior to the red flags and therefore was the one who remembered the track conditions best. Following the puncture in opening stages there was just one strategy for us: every lap flat out. An approach that paid off, in the end – although you have to admit that a dose of luck also was involved. After all, so many things can happen in the wet and fog.”
#912 Manthey Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R / Nick Tandy
“The strategy was clear as early as at the end of lap one: give your very best and secure the best possible result. Okay, there were situations in the race when we had to repair the car and had difficulties. It was an interesting race and winning the 24h Race is particularly difficult. Therefore, sitting here makes us particularly proud.”
#4 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3 / Maro Engel
“Another great weekend, the Nürburgring 24 Race just beats everything! A huge compliment to the crowds who stayed on site even in the bad weather we had to cope with. Yes, it was tight – but the colleagues were just faster than we had expected. Of course it was a pity that we lost our lead due to the red flags. Had we raced the full 24 hours, we possibly could have won.”
#4 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3 / Adam Christodoulou
“When we made our final stop we didn’t know if it would be for one or two laps. And to be safe we refuelled the car with some extra litres! On the one hand this resulted in a gap and to be honest, the tyre performance also began to decrease. I nonetheless gave my very best but in the end, it wasn’t enough. We pushed throughout the race and occasionally too hard – this also was the reason for my shot excursion onto the grass. But congratulations to the winners. I was a great race and I already look forward to next year. Then we will give them a hard time.”
#4 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3 / Manuel Metzger
“You never know how the weather will be in such a race. So many things can happen in a 24h race. This time, the rain came earlier than expected and so, we arguably stopped a lap too late. Apart from that we were ready for everything and also succeeded in solving all our problems well. Up to the red flags we hadn’t made any mistakes and our car hadn’t a single mark. Afterwards we gave our very best. At the end of the day, finishing second in the greatest and most demanding race in the world is not too bad, is it?”
#4 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3 / Dirk Müller
“I have mixed emotions. On the one hand we lost first place but on the other we won second. And finishing in a battle like the one we witnessed out there today is extremely great. On the other hand, our lead at the point in time when the race was red flagged amounted to nearly four minutes. Without the red flags we could have won the race – but it wasn’t to be. We are happy nevertheless. Now I want to thank my team-mates and the entire team. You really have to praise everybody who belongs to the team. And of course our fans who always are loyal.”
#5 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes AMG GT3 / Yelmer Buurman
“Of course the red flags improved our chances of making it to the podium and therefore it suited us rather well – what can be said about our team-mates racing #4. In turn one, right after the restart, I was hit from behind and spun. Afterwards I squeezed the maximum out of the car, closed the gap and was able to pass the two cars ahead of me. It was really annoying that I crossed the line one second before the race was over as this meant that I had to do another lap. It’s a situation you only can l lose in but I took it easy, lifted and secured the third place.
#5 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes AMG GT3 / Thomas Jäger
“All the manufacturers work hard to prepare for this race. Nonetheless, everybody including the customer teams is well aware how difficult this race and planning it is. To secure two podiums in this race is really great. Congratulations to Porsche on their win. We started from fifth position into the final hour and made it to the podium, in the end – just great. We are virtually over the moon and will return perfectly prepared, next year.”
#5 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes AMG GT3 / Jan Seyffarth
“It’s my goal to definitely sit in the middle after having finished first. [laughs] next time. So I will be back next year by all means! Up to the red flags I was determined to make it to the podium but to really sit here, now, feel just amazing. This race is the highlight of every year and we are working on the preparations for 12 months. Therefore, we soon will begin with the preparations for the 2019 edition before long.” .
#5 Mercedes-AMG Team Black Falcon Mercedes AMG GT3 / Luca Stolz
“I wasn’t in the car in the final hour but I think that I can speak for all of us. Our pulse was at least as high as Yelmer’s. We shared the thrill with him in the garage, contributed to the strategy decisions and to the planning. We were extremely nervous but we knew that we could trust him. And he did it.”