News and Quotes after one hour

The technical commission once again has made Balance of Performance (BOP) changes for the 47th ADAC TOTAL 24h Race. The BMWs M6 GT3 may get rid of 10kg handicap weight while the Mercedes’-AMG GT3, that qualified – inter alia – first and second had to take another 10kg aboard and the Porsches 911 GT3 R even 20 kilos.
#31 – Porsche 911 GT3 R (Dumas,Campbell,Müller,Jaminet)
Sven Müller: “Additional weight never is perfect but we drivers try to ignore it. We will give our very best, nevertheless, and try to drive a clean race. You definitely feel the weight while accelerating but we hope that we nonetheless will be able to become a factor in the battle for the top positions.”
#54 – BMW 335i (Borum,Eden,Moore)
15:25hrs: Stops due to technical problems in the Klostertalkuve area
16:16hrs: The BMW 335i rejoins the race
#100 – BMW M6 GT3 (Walkenhorst,Ziegler,Schmidt-Staade,Tresson)
Team Principal and driver Henry Walkenhorst: “We are confident that the BoP adaptations represent a step in the right direction. Nonetheless, we aren’t on the level we would like to be on. Yesterday in the Top Qualifying we gave our very best but were six or seven seconds than the others – that wasn’t exactly funny. I think that we gained about 1 to 1.5 seconds by the adaptation and the others were restrained by about a second due to the additional weight. Nonetheless, there still is a certain gap. That’s not perfect but we have to live with the situation.”
#705 – SCG 003C (Mutsch,Fernandez-Laser,Mailleux,Simonsen)
Race engineer Dario Pergolini: “We are happy with the Balance of Performance. Now it’s up to our team to make the best of it.”