Better cooperation with distance

The 2020 ADAC TOTAL 24h Race is held in a special atmosphere. All those involved are happy that the endurance-racing classic takes place at all – even if only an extremely limited number of spectators may attend the event and if everybody in the paddock and around the circuit has to comply with the restriction supposed to control the Corona virus. This applies to every aspect and many of those involved prepared for the situations for several weeks.

Backup solution

Those responsible for and at the event had not only to think about measures for curbing the virus but also about plans for the case that involved persons catch the virus and have to be replaced. For instance, the organisers are prepared for the case that all the marshals of a post have to be disposted. To have enough replacement marshals available, ADAC started a Facebook campaign, asking marshals of other circuits to help out at the 24h Race. Afterwards, the helpers were trained for the special features of the Nordschleife. Now they are prepared to help out whenever necessary.

In addition, further helpers volunteered for the race and are staying at home to take over positions in the organisation in the case of an emergency – for instance in the paddock organisation or as marshal for pit lane and starting grid. The ADAC Nordrhein marshals already have accustomed to the special Covid 19 measures. They were appointed for the two DTM weekends and also will be involved in the Formula One GP at the Nürburgring.