An event attracting global attention

The ADAC TOTAL 24h Race, held from 20th to 23rd June, is not only a major motor-racing event. The biggest race in the world also achieves top figures when it comes to the media response. This massive interest was caused – inter alia – by the German TV station NITRO. The station that is part of the Cologne based media group RTL will cover the entire weekend extensively and the race itself live and nonstop – twice around the clock At the same time, you also can follow the race action in the World Wide Web – thanks to the coverage by the social-media channels (Hashtag: #24hNBR) and the live stream at the official website The fans on site also will be kept updated throughout the race as they can receive the Fan-TV via DVB-T throughout the race.
NITRO with marathon coverage: more than 25 hours live and nonstop
The German 24h-Race TV partner NITRO once again will favour the TV audience with a fantastic effort. From Friday to Sunday, the station will bring more than 28 hours of 24h-Race coverage, first of all the 25-hour nonstop coverage the race, from Saturday to Sunday afternoon. And to keep the viewers in good mood, the station signed numerous petrol heads and motor-racing experts to accompany the coverage with their comments.
Coverage hours NITRO
Fri, 06/21
18:30 – 20:15 hrs roundup quali sessions 1 + 2 as well as the Top Qualifying live (19:00 – 19:40 hrs)
Sat, 06/22
13:45 hrs Documentary ‘The Nürburgring 24h Race – The greatest car race in the world’
Sat, 06/22
14:40 hrs Live coverage begins, start of the race 15:30 hrs
Sun, 06/23
16:00 hrs live coverage ends
Elaborate live production
The TV production for the 24h Race has achieved amazing dimensions – but that’s just logical when it comes to covering the biggest and greatest race in the world. The production team comprises 200 members and captures the action with 40 cameras. 29 cameras are placed around the circuit and in addition there are 10 on-board cameras and a helicopter camera to make sure that not the slightest bit of the Nordschleife action is missed. Throughout the race, two airplanes will circle as relay stations some eight kilometres above the ‘Ring’ to guarantee that the on-board pictures from every corner of the Nürburgring can be broadcasted. Then, all the pictures are merged and the result is the final feed that is transferred from here to the entire world. In 2018, distribution partner Sporttotal provided not only NITRO with the pictures as another 31 TV stations from all over the world also covered the race action live. And a total of 273 station brought 24h-Race pictures, thus turning the race into an international TV event.
Live stream, live timing and ticker via Internet
Another medium that turned out to be extremely popular in recent years is the 24h-Race live stream that is produced by The live stream will feature 11 channels, this year, with the viewers having the free choice. In addition to the final-feed accompanied by the live comments of an announcer, the audience can choose between 10 onboard cameras. The most extensive information source will be the live page of the official, website, Here, you will find not only the live stream but also live timing and a live ticker. In addition, the stream also is available at YouTube. There, the final feed is available with the comments of German announcers and will be adopted by the motor-racing channel. For the stream, Patrick Simon and Oliver Sittler will accompany the pit-lane action while Wolfgang Drabiniok, Lars Gutsche, Jörg Hennig, Oliver Martini, Swen Wauer and Uwe Winter will alternate as race callers and announcers respectively. In addition to all the 24h-Race sessions, the stream will also cover the 24h-Classic qualifying session and race, the Falken Drift Show and the Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup races.
Coverage schedule live stream ADAC TOTAL 24h Race
Thu, 20/06
13:20 – 15:00 hrs 24h Race, practice session
17:00 – 18:50 hrs 24h Classic, qualifying session
20:30 – 23:30 hrs 24h Race, qualifying session 1
Fri, 21/06
10:05 – 13:05 hrs 24h Classic, race
14:00 – 14:30 hrs Audi Sport R8, race 1
14:55 – 16:45 hrs 24h Race, qualifying session 2
19:00 – 19:40 hrs 24h Race, Top-Qualifying
19:50 – 21:30 hrs Falken Drift Show
Sat, 22/06
08:25 – 08:55 hrs Audi Sport R8, race 2
09:10 – 10:10 hrs 24h Race warm up
From 13:30 hrs 24h Race, race
Sun, 23/06
15:30 hrs 24h Race, race
The coverage rights for the FIA WTCR are owned by Eurosport and therefore, the series can’t be streamed via the 24-Race channels. Please find the WTCR coverage times at the official website,
DVB-T and Radio Nürburgring: keep you updated on site at any time
Meanwhile, the motor-racing enthusiasts on site also have the opportunity to follow the action on a screen. At the Nordschleife, the Fan TV is particularly popular with the visitors as it provides not only the pictures and the live comments but also the current standings. The Fan TV is broadcasted at the Nürburgring via DVB-T and can be received in nearly all the spectator areas. In some areas, however, using an additional antenna is recommended. Furthermore, you can listen – as usual – to the race callers at Radio Nürburgring. The radio station, a cooperation with RPR 1, can be received at the VHF frequency 87.7.
Website and social-media channels: on air throughout the year
The social-medias channels represent a popular information source not only during the 24h Race. 70,000 followers at Facebook and nearly 40,000 at Instagram want to find out what’s going on around the greatest race in the world. And that’s not only the latest news but again and again competitions, video clips and the best Nürburgring pictures. If you don’t want to miss anything can use the official hashtag, #24hNBR, and find the race under the following URLs:,, and The website also provides all the important news and background information throughout the year. Furthermore, the 24h-Race forum that can be accessed via has just been re-launched. It’s the perfect platform for the fans to communicate with one another.
Available from November: 24h Race – the official yearbook
The printed summary of the 24h Race also is a huge project. During the race meeting, 25 photographers are working everywhere at the Nürburgring and shoot some 240,000 pictures for the yearbook. Afterwards, these about 3.5 terabyte of data are turned in 2653 hours of hard work into a voluminous book that represents a fantastic summary of what happened on the race weekend. The 272-page book comprises some 100 pictures, English and German texts as well as an extensive statistics chapter. It will be available via the book trade from November 2019 (ISBN: 978-3-928540 95-7) or can be ordered right via the publishers’ website,